Family Dinner and Santa Claus

This morning I had the distinct privilege of visiting Santa with my lovely god-daughter, Izzy. This year she was so good and brave, walking right up to Santa and letting him lift her up onto his lap. Well, she was brave until it came time to smile for her picture. She looks nervous. In fact, she looks like she might just think that Santa thing is a little felt-up. But, like the big girl she was pretending to be—or the big girl she is becoming though none of us want to admit it—she told Santa she wants an Elmo for Christmas, explained that she was two years old, took the tiny candy cane in her cold little hand and even remembered to say thank you before running back to her mom’s arms. The whole thing was magical.

Riding the train only added to her excitement. When she got on the train, all of us thought she would get halfway around the little track and then start to cry, but she rode the thing around all five times and even laughed and waved at us. She even smiled at a little boy who was waiting to ride. It is amazing to me how quickly these little guys grow up. Last year, she didn’t even want to sit on Santa’s lap and this year at two and a half she talked to him. Without crying. And riding the train by herself. Wow.


Tonight we had a family dinner, or a sort of family dinner. It was my dad, mom, Bec, Bart, Laura, Zoe, and I. I swear that no matter what my cousin Bart ever does, there is nothing he will do to make me love him any less. There is just something about him that deep down is amazing. I am not saying that he doesn’t have the potential to annoy the piss out of someone, but you can’t help but love the guy. I would not say that about all of my cousins; though as cousins go, I am pretty blessed. Anyway, we also ate some of Mom and Dad’s top tier of their wedding anniversary cake, which was still delicious and beautiful.


I am thankful for rehabilitation in whatever form it takes and no matter how slowly it progresses.

Exercise: walked the dogs .5 miles

Food: I ate everything in sight. Seriously. My belly hurts, and I had horrible hiccups.  banana, mint M&Ms, cheese enchilada, potato enchilada, chili relleno, rice, chips and salsa, seven layer salad minus bacon, baked potato, veggies, a piece of cake, bread

4 responses to “Family Dinner and Santa Claus

  1. unfinishedportraitofsam

    just lovely. i want to meet this kid. i hear about her but am not sure she really exists! ; )

  2. Oh, she does. And she is the cutest kid ever! You two would have so much fun!

  3. I’m a third party who can verify that Izzy exists, and she is the cutest girl ev-ar!

  4. unfinishedportraitofsam

    oh, well, with the third party, i’m a believer!

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