Almost Back Among the Living

Well, as you may have noticed, I haven’t written anything for a while. My absence has been caused predominantly by my over-zealous scheduling and lack of early completion of projects. I can honestly say, though, that I am improving on this front. I have merely had more to do this semester than I usually do because of teaching at Burris and teaching two classes in the Writing Program. I really haven’t procrastinated as much as usual, at all. I am pretty pleased that I am left with only fifty portfolios, twenty-five memoirs, and twenty-five finals to grade. All of these have been turned in this week, so I couldn’t have graded them any sooner.

My to do list over break includes (in no certain order):

  • Rewrite my American Literature syllabus.
  • Write my ENG 204 syllabus.
  • Send my ordination information to Las Vegas for Rachel’s wedding.
  • Scan in my students’ comics so they can have them back.
  • Finish my dissertation proposal and submit a copy to Debbie before she returns from (Georgia?).
  • Meet with several old youth group members for lunch/coffee (Dec. 21, Dec. 29, January 2?).
  • Watch Comber cats, Mix-Berg cat, Weiss cats, and my own animals.
  • Take Elizabeth to train station (Dec. 23rd) and pick her up (Jan. 6).
  • Spend some time with Amy on the 26th & 27th.
  • Turn in my grades by 10AM on Monday, work at the mission at 9AM on Monday.
  • Spend Christmas Eve with the Combers!
  • Spend Christmas with family!
  • Celebrate Izzy’s half birthday and her baptism anniversary.
  • Run the Inaugural Running in Circles for Fun at Minnetrista on New Year’s Day.

This should be an interesting break. The two things I must accomplish: dissertation proposal completion and 204 syllabus creation. I will also return to writing here everyday, running, and recording my food. It’s been a weird week or so.


Exercise: walked the dogs, walked from Burris to RB to Lafollette and home

Food: Snickers bar, tea, muffin, tea, sugar cookie, chocolate cupcake, spinach artichoke ravioli, salad, bread

I am thankful for not getting sick earlier in the semester, and I am thankful for exaggeration.

3 responses to “Almost Back Among the Living

  1. Wow…I have so many questions! Is American Literature syllabus for BSU or Burris? What class is 204? Is this a BSU or Burris class? Does ordination info mean you are presiding over Rachel and Bobbie’s wedding? If so, I’m really excited and hope we can afford to get out there. How is the dissertation propoal writing going? I haven’t heard you talk that much about the actual writing, unless I spaced out and missed some of your blogs. How long will your proposal turn out to be? Ok, I think that’s it. 🙂

  2. Oh, I have been writing like a fool, but mostly it’s crap, so I am redrafting and redrafting. I am doing it on a private blog, though, so I suppose I don’t write about it here much. If I could jsut get the theoretical stuff hammered out, I would be fine. The proposal is 25-30 pages, not sure how long the final draft will end up being. I am presiding over Rachel and Bobbie’s wedding provided the state of Nevada lets me. 204 is children’s literature, and American literature is my Burris class. It’s all ridiculous and muddled together right now. Thank God for break so I can sort things out.

  3. unfinishedportraitofsam

    you’re teaching children’s lit? you lucky, lucky dog…

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