Mostly Finished. Running.

I get to pick up my running again on Tuesday. I can say that I genuinely miss it when I don’t do it. And, I have been sick, so this has been a perfect time to not have enough time to run anyway.

I sat in my office for hours this weekend working on my grades. I was here all day yesterday, stopping only for lunch (Pita Pit) and dinner (Bella Avanti). I also consumed too many chocolates and cookies and one divine pear, which I will write more about later when I can describe it without it sounding like a sexual tryst instead of consuming a piece of fruit. I need some space from that succulent moment like I need space from steamy encounters with beautiful people who will remain nameless.

I graded all day today, too. I didn’t stop for anything, eating my lunch (cheese, almonds, an apple, and a clementine) in my office. I graded up until right now. I am leaving this place, the walls of which are becoming more like a swiftly closing coffin than a warm comforting professional space, and moving the party to my friends’ house where I am house sitting tonight. I vow to watch at least one movie after finishing the comments for my students’ memoirs and before falling asleep.

With any luck, Bec will come visit me before she falls asleep on our couch. If she doesn’t, I don’t blame her. She is probably worn out from all the excitement she’s had today.


I am thankful for finishing semesters. I feel like I have really accomplished something each time it happens.

Exercise: just riding my bike from place to place

Food: listed above

2 responses to “Mostly Finished. Running.

  1. unfinishedportraitofsam

    you are too, too good to me. i got your package today, but i’m so bummed i wasn’t here when it came because the beautiful fruit was rotted–i mean, thoroughly, green-and-dusty rotted! i laughed out loud when i opened the box and saw that. i’m so excited to get home from the library, pop in my movie, and make some tea and crochet for the rest of the day. thanks, Corbis : ) you are loved.

  2. You are welcome. I was afraid the fruits would be rotted. : ( Suck-tastic!

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