January is coming. Hide the sweets!

Today is December 28. 2010 is only three days away. My how time flies, some people say, but I think time drags like a three toed sloth walking through molasses in April. I just want to be about five years out from now, so I can see if all of this is really worth it. What will I be doing in five years? I would like to know, but time insists on dragging its slow ass along instead of speeding up. In short, time is me when I am running. It is not Zola Budd. It is not Flo Jo. In fact, it isn’t even your local cross country hero. Time is slow, fat, and dawdling along. Do you get it? Are you picking up what I am putting down? Is this extended and overwrought metaphor helping you to understand that I would like for this chapter of my life to speed the fuck up?!? Okay. I will stop belaboring the point.

I can’t wait for the holidays to be over, so I can return to a normal schedule. My body is in some kind of shock right now because of all the food (no matter how healthy) I have eaten, the way my sleep patterns have been destroyed, and because my body flat out does not like all the sugar I have been consuming. On Friday, after my brother and I run our “First Annual New Year’s Day Run in Circles for Fun,” I am going to purge all the unhealthy snacks from the cupboard and work on losing this other 50 pounds, some of which is the same 45 pounds I had lost since June, which crept back on somehow (no doubt via mint M&Ms and Christmas Nougats, damn them). Regardless, I am going to get rid of this weight if for no other reason than being able to run faster.


I am thankful that Bec is going back to school, and I can’t wait until she can set up her own nursing practice!

Exercise: For the past few days, I have pretty consistently run two or three miles and walked the dogs three miles. Today I simply walked the dogs two miles, running with them for about 3/4 of a mile.

Food for today: decaf Americano so I could break a $20 and have money for parking, orange juice, chocolate milk, salad with honey mustard and sunflower seeds, grilled cheese, some sweets and ice cream, spicy lentil soup, diet cream soda, garlic bread

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