Eating Animals? No.

I am reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, and I have to say that I am pretty glad I am not eating animals while I am reading it. In fact, I should buy my own copy of this book to read in order to remain a lifelong vegetarian. More accurately, if I read this book a couple of times, I would undoubtedly be vegan for life. While the book does have some weak spots, for the most part it is well-written and incredibly interesting. I should have waited for summer to read it, but I couldn’t resist all the hype. For once in my life, I am a follower.

I think I am finally getting over this weird sinus thing I have had going on for most of the break. It started out with a mildly irritated throat, escalated into sneezing and head-congestion, and is now maxed out with all the above, plus swollen glands and an excruciating sore throat. I am hoping that my little nap (30 minutes) this afternoon will help me feel better tomorrow to work on this dissertation proposal. Additionally, I hope that I will feel well enough in the morning to run. Just a couple miles would be nice.


I am thankful for good books, excellent writing, and human reason.

Food: four baby cupcake/muffin thingies, Ruby Tuesday veggie minis, salad bar, blackberry lemonade, decaf Americano, popcorn, apple, cheese, orange juice, a couple of Christmas goodies

Exercise: walked the dogs two miles

One response to “Eating Animals? No.

  1. HAPPY CHRISTMAS! …a few days late! : )
    i’m finally catching up a bit on your blog. i’ve hardly been online (or, for that matter, on my phone) since we left illinois a week ago, so it feels kind of nice to read you and catch up with emails. we’ve been bouncing around pretty much nonstop, but we won’t make it down to Muncie this trip, which bums me out pretty hard. on the plus side, it’s because we found out last-minute that we get to babysit Charli overnight. on the trying-to-be-plus-side, it just gives me an excuse to make another trip to your town sometime in Jan or Feb…
    aaaaanyway, you are loved and missed.

    AUGH! and p.s.–what’s this about Bec going back to school and starting her own practice?

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