Let ‘er rip.

This week begins 16 weeks of mini-marathon training. I typically run 3-4 times a week, but starting on Tuesday, I will run five times a week, building my mileage until I finally run 13.1 miles on May 8. In case you can’t tell by my excessive posts on this topic, I am more excited about this than my friend, Ed, is about his trip to Disney World! I just hope that my joints hold up for this wild ride, and that I can lose some weight in the process. If all goes well with the mini, I may go ahead and attempt that first marathon in the fall. I have my eyes set on two different possibilities right now: The Whistle Stop Marathon in Northern Wisconsin and The Chicago Marathon. While the one in Wisconsin looks great, I might save it for a second or third attempt because it looks much smaller. I hate coming in last, and I am pretty sure that won’t happen in Chicago. Besides, who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend in Chicago. We’ll see.


I am thankful for days of doing nothing mixed in with ones of working nonstop.

Food: too many pancakes, juice, vegan lasagna, popcorn and cheese and apple, chocolate milk

Exercise: walked the dogs

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