Rip Van Winkle

Only not so absurd. Since I have become addicted to Sherlock Holmes and have to tear myself away from him in order to accomplish anything else, I decided that I would stop in the library to read one short chapter of the book. Then I would move from the library to my office to work on my dissertation, giving myself not only time delineation, but also physical space delineation. I thought the very act of stopping to have a pleasant read at the library would energize me for the long afternoon of working on my proposal and hammering away at things I didn’t necessarily want to think about on a day so absurdly disgusting as today. Surprise. I was going to read from about one o’clock until whenever I finished “The Red-Headed League.”

At 3:30, I woke up with a start and realized I had fallen asleep and essentially slept through my office hours and my dissertation proposal time. I blame this on my Wild-Fire Tomato soup that I had for lunch. I think it had chicken broth in it. Does chicken have tryptophan? Or did I just catch a major case of sleep exhaustion from the intensity of Holmes and Watson’s debacle with John Clay? On further exploration, I find that chicken does in fact contain the same amount of tryptophan as turkey. Well, f. I must admit that I had dreams of Irene Adler, which were welcome. I love somebody with a little wicked, wild side. Strange. Elementary.


I am thankful for food labeling.

Food: banana, juice, pure bar, chocolate milk, chicken-laced tomato soup, salad, papa john’s, two chocolate covered grahams

Exercise: walked the dogs, walked from Burris to RB, swam a mile, ran for 30 minutes

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