Soy Milk Charge! BWs and Moustaches.

I had the opportunity to spend time with several friends today. First I got to have coffee and pal around with Elizabeth, which is always a good time. We went to the Tillotson Starbucks and had some of the shadiest service I have ever had there. One girl was working while the other two who were supposed to be stood at the end of the counter chatting with an off-duty shift leader and another person who wasn’t buying coffee. Finally, when the line reached almost to the door, the girl who was working looked down the counter and said, “Could one of you help me?” A little ridiculous, and they now charge $.50 for soy milk (as creamer) in an Americano. Really? Fifty cents for a splash of soy? Starbucks, oh, Starbucks, stop trying to pretend that you are my friend. It is getting more than a little felt up.

When we left Starbucks, we then went to Shoe Carnival so I could pick up my new running shoes. I will be wearing the heck out of them between now and May 8. I got two pairs of the same shoe, but one is light grey and purple and the other is dark grey and fuschia. I think I may wear one of each color at the same time, just for shits and giggles. And, I think it would be fun to have two shoes of two different colors. You know, like a trumped up version of wearing two different colors of shoe laces.

Elizabeth was thinking about getting some new Chucks, but they are so stinking expensive—$39.99 at Shoe Carnival—that she opted against it. “You know,” she said, “Chucks were the only type of shoes Ben and I could have as kids, and they were $5 a pair!” I reminded her that even when we were in high school they were between $15 and $20. Of course, that was before they were haute couture. Now that Converse is cool, their clothing and shoes are ridiculously expensive. And at least their clothing is made for tiny folks. Size XL in their women’s clothes is similar to most clothing lines’ M. It’s great for the self-esteem.

Finally, I ended the night hanging out with some old high school friends at BWs. I had their veggie burger with Caribbean Jerk sauce and some onion rings. My dinner was fantastic. We took some amazing photos, too.

Special, huh?


I am thankful for laughing until I almost pee my pants.

Food: juice, pure bar, chocolate milk, pizza and breadstick, veggie burger with onion rings, four Lorna Doones, decaf Americano, scone, popcorn

Exercise: walked dogs

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