Well, there go the Vikings.

The Vikings lost. Sad day.


I am thankful for Merideth and her ability to talk me out of trees.

Food: banana, juice, pure bar, chocolate milk, Kashi frozen lunch, Lorna Doones, decaf Americano, Puerto vegetarian nachos, Klondike bar

Exercise: walked the dogs, ran 30 minutes

2 responses to “Well, there go the Vikings.

  1. i’ll be atchyer place Tuesday night. Meg Veit’s making me dinner at 7, so it could be late before i get to your place. then i go to class with you Wednesday and, erm, schtay with you again wednesday night??

  2. Okay, I just couldn’t remember what days! 🙂 Thanks. See you late Tuesday. I teach until 910, so I won’t be home until after then anyway. On Wednesday, we are talking about Desiree’s Baby and Story of an Hour by Chopin. I suppose you will like that.

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