If I knew I wouldn’t fail…

I would learn how to free-climb, only super free climb, like super-humanly. I have always wanted to know what it would feel like to climb up the side of a building with the cars honking beneath me in the middle of rush hour. I imagine people as small as the cliched ant looking up at me and pointing while the news cameras roll and wondering sometimes out loud, who is that woman who is scaling the side of the Hancock Building, and why is she doing it? “I am doing this because I couldn’t fail!” I would scream.

Or what it would feel like to cling to the face of a sheer cliff as the wind blew past and the birds circled. I wouldn’t think twice about scaling up the front of Half Dome and hanging by one hand, swinging like a chimp from a tire in the zoo. Only I would scream, “I did it because I couldn’t fail!” I would grin to myself like a small child, because my hands would stick like Spiderma’s to the rocky surface of the gigantic cliff.

Perhaps the most exhilarating feeling of all would be climbing the thick trunks of trees to the top of the rain forest canopy. I am not sure this can be done, but since I can’t fail at what I have chosen to do, I will climb those trees and then sleep in the branches high above the screeching animals below. I would gaze out over the lush green carpet, and count my blessings by tens. There wouldn’t be anyone else around so I wouldn’t have to explain that I only did it because I couldn’t fail.

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