Productivity and Me.

We go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong, remembered for ever like shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yipitty boom de boom. If you know me, you know this isn’t true. Productivity and I don’t dance in the amusement park “Trailer of Terror,” ride the Ferris wheel together, or float off into the clouds in the front seat of “Greased Lightening” with our arms around each other. In fact, we are much more like the scene in the diner where Rizzo throws a milkshake in Kenicke’s face. “Finish this! To you from me, PinkyLee!” is the expression I find myself saying over and over to productivity.

Today, however, I tried my best to be productive, and you know what? I actually got stuff done. Of my goal list, which is always ridiculously long, I only have left to read three chapters in my lovely children’s literature textbook before teaching tomorrow night. And, I have to reread “A Wagner Matinee” by Willa Cather. It’s a quick read, though. A beautiful, quick read.

I got a lot accomplished today and now on to tomorrow to work on my dissertation proposal. I should have a revision finished for Debbie by next Monday, so we can meet on Thursday. I sort of had a nervous breakdown yesterday over the whole revision thing. I felt like I was completely rewriting the thing, and I wasn’t sure how that was supposed to go or if it was even what I was supposed to be doing. I tried just moving things around in the document I have already completed, but it wasn’t working. I ended up sitting there staring at the screen for about five hours, occasionally breaking to play Snood or check Facebook. Most unproductive.

I typically don’t revise academic papers, so I am not used to moving logical arguments around. Moving pieces of my life around to tell a story? Yes, I can do that. Moving around academic arguments to make them more sound? Nope, not so comfortable. I think I can do it now, or at least I know how to attempt it. I was thinking I was making it too much work, but alas, I was not. I must be one of those lucky people who simply has to retype things in order for them to make sense in a different order. Oh, to be gifted at revision and editing!


I just made some vegan strawberry, oatmeal, brown sugar crusted muffins. I haven’t tried one yet, but I plan to eat one tomorrow after I run. They look and smell delicious. Aren’t you jealous?


I am thankful for people of all types.

Food: banana, juice, pure bar, chocolate milk, pizza, pasta

Exercise: walked dogs about 3 miles

One response to “Productivity and Me.

  1. I wondered why that plate was sitting there on the stovetop this morning

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