Just the Facts

Great day today. *dripping in sarcasm* Really for me it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great for some of my friends, which makes it bad for me. I hate to see people upset.

I have SO much to do this weekend:

  • grade BSU reflections
  • grade Burris reflections
  • work on dissertation proposal revision
  • plan for next week
  • copy Spec. Ed. stuff
  • copy submissions for Featherweight
  • cook food for Millers
  • write Louisville paper

I have too much to do, as usual.


I will be thankful when I can find a job in a place where all the grown-ups act grown, and all the children act like children.

Food: banana, juice, muffin, tea, chocolate milk, almonds, salad, apple, grapefruit, Lorna Doones, leftover pizza and breadsticks, grape soda

Exercise: walked the dogs, ran 30 minutes, walked from Burris to RB

2 responses to “Just the Facts

  1. Alas, dear Ravyn, in academia all the grown ups do not act grown, not all the time.

    And I’d like to be your food nag: please eat more food! You are not eating enough protein!

    Ok, I’ll stop nagging.

    On another note, I love how we academics talk about the weekend by Thursday…..

  2. Thanks for being my food nag. I am working on the food thing. It is a constant struggle because I have been a fat kid all my life. I have always been very athletic; in fact, I lettered in swimming for four years in high school. While I was in college, I tried to stay active. I have been running off and on for about three years, but running seriously for a year now, so I am trying to find the balance between losing some weight, getting enough protein (and calories), and not feeling stuffed after I eat! I started to eat some ice cream last night, but I was too full and it tasted too sweet. So, there you go. I started off with oatmeal today!

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