I didn’t post last night

because I was tired and the right side of my face feels like a colony of meerkats has invaded and taken up residency. I think they spent a good portion of last night constructing their little huts/tunnels in the sinus cavity directly below my right eye and near my jaw. In fact, I think they are using my upper-right molars as grounding for their infrastructure.

Mucinex does nothing to get rid of meerkats. The huge horse pills don’t work on meerkats at all in the same way they work on the Mucus family in the commercial. The Mucinex is probably being used by them, as we speak, to paint their walls, carpet their floors, and spruce up their kitchens and bathrooms. The one side of the pill is a pretty blue color, similar to the blue of my living room. It might look nice inside my sinuses.

Since I didn’t write yesterday, I will use this post as a moment of foreshadowing today. In just a few minutes, I am going to go get dressed in my running clothes, drive to Anderson, and run around Shadyside Park with my brother. Today’s run is a four-miler in 18º weather with a bit of a breeze. After we run, we are going to go back to his house and move his bedroom downstairs, or we will go eat lunch. Then we will do whichever we did not do first.

After spending some time with my brother, I plan to come home and make some pot-pies for a family at school whose lives are being disrupted by cancer. I am making vegan pot-pies, chocolate chocolate-chip cookies, and salad. I hope they like the meal; if not, I hope they are comfortable ordering pizza. Whenever I hear of someone with breast cancer, I always think of Suzie and how I should have been there more for her, done more for her family, or at least sent a card every once in a while. I just feel this intense guilt when I think about it, that I could have done more.

Finally, tonight we are going to try out a new restaurant in Muncie. We are going with the Combers to Two Johnny’s. On their website, which takes forever to load, the restaurant looks much fancier than what I think it is. Essentially, from what I can tell, it is a soup and sandwich joint that offers other cuisine for dinner. I am going to try some soup and a veggie sandwich. I love soup in the winter.


I am thankful for sleep and kleenex.

Food: banana, juice, oatmeal, chocolate milk, almonds, apple, chinese buffet, superman ice cream

Exercise: walked the dogs, walked from Burris to RB

One response to “I didn’t post last night

  1. unfinishedportraitofsam

    uuuuugh…heal fast, Corb. : (

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