Meerkat Update. Two Johnny’s.

They have teeth and claws. No matter how many of them you release, they keep breeding and building, breeding an building. Now they have expanded their domicile to include the left sinus as well, and possibly the throat. This diagram neglects to mention their sharp little incisors. In fact, this diagram makes them look downright lovable, which I suppose they are when they are not taking residency in your head.

Tonight we had a splendid time at Two Johnny’s, and I recommend it. Though it is not a restaurant you should explore if you are in a hurry. They have one person working the floor and it seemed like the same number in the kitchen. I don’t mind waiting for my food, but this is a friendly warning that our salad and sandwich dinner took almost 2 hours. Of course, we passed the time quickly because we haven’t spent time with the Combers for a while, so that wasn’t an issue. If I went there alone for a quick bite, however, I might be annoyed at the fact that it took so long. Our waiter was friendly, so that made our experience even better. Also, if there is any doubt just order the large salad. The small is probably fine for lunch, but for dinner it was a bit skimpy. And, try the Old Fashioned Cream pie, even though mine is better.


I am thankful for spending time with my brother today, even though we moved furniture.

Food: banana, juice, apple, almonds, soup in a bread bowl, veggie bagel and cream cheese sandwich, chips, cheese bread, old fashioned cream pie

Exercise: walked the dogs, ran 4 miles

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