Mia Kirshner at BSU?

One of my friends is responsible for getting Mia Kirshner to come to BSU. This is a huge deal, a much bigger deal than I originally thought. Because I don’t really watch The L Word, I had no idea who Mia Kirshner is, nor did I realize that she had a life-changing epiphany. She travels around the world documenting the way women are treated and the way human rights are practiced (or not practiced) in communities around the world. This is noble.

My point is that if you are reading this you should go to Pruis Hall at 7PM tomorrow night to hear Mia Kirshner speak.


I am thankful for friends like these.

Food: banana, juice, cookies, chocolate milk, leftover pot-pie innards (beans and rice), clementine, chips and guacamole, salad with sunflower seeds, decaf soy latte, almonds, broccoli

Exercise: walked the dogs

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