A Waster of Time

I wasted time today. In a big way. So what’s new?


I am thankful for the ability to run.

Food: banana, juice, grape pop tart, chocolate milk, bean and rice homemade pot pie, popcorn, apple, beer, almonds and M&Ms

Exercise: jogged 3 miles, walked dogs 2 miles

3 responses to “A Waster of Time

  1. How’s the proposal coming???

  2. The proposal has been turned in for a second time. I meet with my advisor on Thursday.

  3. unfinishedportraitofsam

    Corb, i am ALWAYS asking for comment, particularly from you.
    that said, though, a quick clarification: how do i show more in that paragraph than tell? 😦
    in the book section, that’s as showable as it gets: all my experience with missionary work came from the “prayer request” sections of church bulletins and books i’d read. and i’d wager that’s pretty much the experience of a lot of youth group kids from small towns, so it gives decent insight into our perceptions, i think…i’m afraid speaking more on that subject would bloat the narrative.
    and in the paragraph about self-worth/”badness,” that’s a whole other memoir that’s not that interesting. i’m not sure how to show anything there without completely derailing the narrative there, too. make sense? what do i dooooooo?

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