A Very Slow Run

I decided this morning after trying to run four miles, and being very unsuccessful, that there are two things I will never do again. I will never skip my Sunday recovery run of three short, slow miles. I will never go out the door in the morning without first eating my banana, chewing my Gummi-Vites, and drinking my small glass of orange juice. I had no go juice, and I wasted a training run on recovering my muscles from Saturday. No wonder I have been so sluggish for the past couple of days; my muscles have been full of leftovers. I suppose it could’ve been the crappy way I ate yesterday, too.

Even though it probably doesn’t interest any of you nearly as much as it interests me, I have decided to run the November 6 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon for my first foray into an event that no one else in my family has completed. Neither my dad or my brother, in all of their athletic endeavors has done a race this long, so I am pretty excited about it. I wish I could get my brother on board with it, though. I think he would love it. But, I am pretty excited that two of my friends are thinking about being in for at least the half!

My goal this year is simply to finish the race. I am going to use this training plan.


Walking. Crawling. Rolling.

However I have to do it, I will finish. There is a 6 hour and 30 minute time limit on the course, so I have to walk or crawl at least 15 minutes a mile. Then next year, I can attempt to improve my time. If there is a next year.


I am thankful for exercise of both mind and body.

Food: banana, juice, chocolate soy milk, one poptart, almonds, apple, pure bar, Mister Misty, candy bar, orange soda, cheese quesadilla, pasta with broccoli and homemade sauce

Exercise: walked the dogs, three hours of racquetball

8 responses to “A Very Slow Run

  1. unfinishedportraitofsam

    understood! i’ve taken to eating one small bread thing or banana thing, since i can’t eat much of anything before a run. 😦 honestly? that’s part of what weirds me out about the marathon. how do you eat for that?

  2. unfinishedportraitofsam
  3. I figure we can get up early the morning of the marathon and eat some food, then go back to bed. Then when we get up for the actual race, we can eat a banana and some juice. We can do it!

  4. Also, I learned that if we sign up before June 30, it’s only $60. After that it’s $70 for a while then $85.

  5. Oh, and we HAVE to go hear Kim Addonizio. HAVE to.

  6. You guys should let me know when you’re coming to my town for readings!

  7. unfinishedportraitofsam

    Newg, i’ll give you a call when i/we do. i’ve still got your number.

  8. Good good. 🙂

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