Exit Facebook. Fat Festivities. Little Bit of Runnin’.

I made a bold move last night and deactivated my Facebook account. I decided to delete myself because I have spent too much time on the computer lately, choosing to talk to people through a keyboard and a screen instead of simply calling them or going to do something with them. I could have spent the weekend playing disc golf with Ed, but instead I stayed inside on the computer. I didn’t get any of my grading finished, nor did I get my dissertation proposal finished like I should have. I haven’t been writing here as frequently as I should, and I haven’t written anything creative either. All of this happened because I was compulsively checking Facebook. So, I decided to be more intentional and more mindful about my friendships. The only thing I regret is the fact that I won’t have contact with my cousins, but I figure that I can get their phone numbers or email addresses from my brother.



My friends, Sarah and Elizabeth, and I are going to submit a proposal to another fat studies conference. Sarah is possibly going to talk about pedagogy, Elizabeth is going to discuss pieces of a graphic novel about 18th century fat-guys, and I am going to talk about my high school students’ perceptions of fat and the ways we work to overcome their stereotypes/misunderstandings of fat. I am excited because if we get into the conference, it means that we get to spend several days with each other after just seeing each other for a week during the summer. And, I am looking forward to possibly meeting a friend of hers from Nebraska.


This morning I ran five miles, which seemed like an eternity. I kept thinking that a marathon is five times as long as what I ran this morning. I got a little discouraged, but then I thought about the fact that I am running 13.1 miles in a few weeks, which is 13.1 times as far as I could run a year ago. Surely, in six months I can double that distance. Right?

I ran past the two cutest older women. They moved over as I ran past, and I said, “That isn’t necessary. I am really slow. I promise I won’t run over you!” The one lady smiled and said, “It’s her first time out here walking, so I’m trying to teach her the rules.” I loved it, and I wanted to ask her if she could please explain the rules to other people who use the trail. It would be so nice if people in Muncie knew the rules of trail usage.

Small things like saying. “Bike on your left!” from far enough away for people to move their three cantankerous dogs off  to the right side of the trail would be amazing. Runners who don’t have their headphones turned up so high that they can’t hear bikers who actually yell, “Bike on the left!” would be an amazing addition to the Greenway as well. I mean there are common courtesies (rules) that users of trails should follow. I suppose it’s too much to ask for people who move under their own power to follow rules when people who drive lethal weapons everyday can’t follow the rules. Ugh.


I am thankful for freedom.

Food: banana, juice, almonds, fruit snacks, chai latte, two pieces of pizza, rock ‘n’ rye, salad with garbonzo beans, cheese quesadilla

Exercise: ran five miles, walked from Burris to Irving Gym, walked the dogs 1.5 miles, one hour of racquetball

5 responses to “Exit Facebook. Fat Festivities. Little Bit of Runnin’.

  1. clinchgoldfinch

    oooh, I am really intrigued by this “graphic novel about 18th century fat-guys”, that sounds amazing.

    Well everything else sounds great too 🙂 What’s the title of the graphic novel?

    (p.s. this is anna!)

  2. She hasn’t started it yet. It was actually the product of our brainstorming for the conference panel. She is my friend who went to Herron, so I am sure she’d love to chat both about the project and the school! I am so excited to see her work.

  3. unfinishedportraitofsam

    yep, Facebook’s getting a little compulsive for me too, and i swore that would never happen. it ain’t bad yet, but it’s certainly counter-productive, which annoys me enough to feel it’s “bad.”
    kudos to you.

    and for the workout yesterday! 🙂 does your training plan include a lot of rest days? i sort of jumped into the end of a training plan i found on RW, and i haven’t done well with the rest days because i spend so much of the day sitting and staring at a computer screen or a book that i have to get up and move…but the rest days make it so much easier to up the mileage. you seem to be running most days. what’s yours like??

  4. I run five days. Monday is a rest day, Tuesday is generally 3 miles, Wednesday is 4 or 5 miles, Thursday is 3 miles, Friday is a rest day, Saturday is a long run that gets progressively longer (from 3 miles up to ten miles this week, then 9, then 8, then the 13.1 race), and Sunday is a VERY slow recovery run of 3 miles. It’s really similar to the Hal Higdon marathon plan, only the week with the highest mileage (this week) is only 24 miles. For the marathon it is 50 miles in a week.

  5. I admire you for going facebook cold turkey…I don’t think I could do it.

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