Corby’s Marathon: Or How I Will Run to Ivanhoe’s on June 18

Since I won’t be running Grandma’s Marathon this year, I have decided to run to Ivanhoe’s instead. I will get up and set out at 5AM, so it doesn’t get too hot while I run. I think in June if I can finish by 11AM (which means in six hours), the weather won’t be too hot. I plan to have Bec bring clothes and meet me at Ivanhoe’s for lunch. I will end the run with a huge Strawberry Lemonade and vegetarian pasta salad with French dressing. It’ll be very.

Here is the beginning route from my house to my parents’ house:

Here is the second route from my parents’ house to Ivanhoe’s:

I planned it so my friend Molly could bring me water in Eaton, and so I can stop by my parents’ house for water in Hartford City. I am going to ask my brother to ride his bike or run or walk along with me for the last 7 miles. I needed a goal. I plan to run the real marathon in October, as I noted before.

4 responses to “Corby’s Marathon: Or How I Will Run to Ivanhoe’s on June 18

  1. unfinishedportraitofsam

    two things i love about your blog:

    1. the tags “food” and “running” are the biggest, easily.

    2. you give yourself a lot of grace (another big tag) in dealing with both, and you write about that, too.

    what’s the recipe for your waffles? just askin’… : )

  2. I sort of eat to run, and run to eat! Let me find the waffle recipe. I am surprised I didn’t link to it. 😦

  3. I put the link to the waffles in the above post, but here it is again: You just substitute ground flaxseed and water, which I beat to a nice froth, for the two eggs. They are a bit dry, but it could be because I also used partially wheat flour as well.

  4. unfinishedportraitofsam

    awesome! i’ll have to try these when B. gets home…and our fridge is finally empty of leftovers. : )

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