You Are Beautiful

I met some friends at Peppy Grill in Indianapolis the other day. What a different place in the middle of the day! Instead of the gay men coming from the Metro and the club kids coming from other hot night spots, there was a random collection of blue collar workers, professionals, families, and semi-homeless or homeless people. I suppose it makes perfect sense that Peppy’s would appeal to different types of people. They serve greasy-spoon diner, also known as down-home, food at a very low price. My friends and I had way more than we could eat and our bill was only $30. We also had about three hours of excellent conversation.

On a side note, one thing I was reminded of during this break is the fact that I thrive when I participate in intellectual conversation. The more lost I feel in the midst of it, the better I feel afterward. I get a little lost in what I am learning from friends sometimes, and it thrills me!

Anyway, back to my story: on my way home, I went through the neighborhood around Peppy Grill (Fountain Square) a bit before just settling into the long drive ahead of me. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked up at the top of this building and saw a message, one that I interpreted as being just for me. I wasn’t feeling particularly ugly, but what a positive and lively message of encouragement to be found on top of a building in the middle of a city! I need to purchase a decent camera. I guess that’s on my wish list.

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