Seeing the Old Lady

Grams is in the hospital again, and she seems to be getting better because she was her same old, mean self that she can be. She hadn’t been eating, and when we got there the nurse seemed very concerned and explained to Mom that Grams simply would not eat. She also wouldn’t let them draw blood. Apparently, she smacked two phlebotomists and tried to bite a nurse. Not bad defense skills for an almost (12 days away) 87-year-old lady. What I thought was amazing was the nurse’s reaction. She simply said, “I think it was just all the people coming in and out because she’s been just fine when I am the only one taking care of her. She’s been really sweet.” Of course, my mom snorted, because since when has my grandma been sweet to anyone? Anyway, I took this picture of her in the hospital after she got more blankets, because she was “freezing.” Of course she was. There’s nothing left of her!

On the way back from the hospital, Mom and I went a little bit north to go to a new 100% vegan restaurant, called Loving Cafe, that I’ve heard rave reviews about. The original one is in Cincinnati, but they recently put one in Fort Wayne. I had Sesame Chickenless, a spring roll, a summer roll, and a chocolate chocolate chip cupcake. All vegan. Delicious!

2 responses to “Seeing the Old Lady

  1. unfinishedportraitofsam

    hope you’re doing okay with the gramma situation, Corb. what’s the verdict on her condition, and what happened in the first place?

  2. Well, she had a blood clot is all. She’s no stranger to them, but she is being put into hospice, I think. It’s all weird and my aunt doesn’t communicate very well about things. Anyway, she seemed to be somewhat okay, but old and tired.

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