I Have to Keep Reminding Myself . . .

that if I lose one pound each week this year, by this same date next year I will be 52 pounds lighter. I think the reason I never lose the weight I want to lose is that I get discouraged because it doesn’t come off as fast as I want it to come off. This year, though, I am trying something new. I am trying to mingle my weight-loss goal, my running goal, my creative-endeavor goal all into one fancy collection of pictures and short blips about my days. Each day I take a new picture and write down what I eat, how I feel, what exercise I’ve done, and what I’ve read. Once the year goes on a little more, I’ll put a link to that other stuff from here.

My eventual goal is to make an art project out of the whole experience, but in order to do that I need to get a decent digital camera and fast. So far, I have only taken pictures with my cell phone and Photo Booth, because those are the technologies I have, and neither device takes really good pictures. Although, my cell phone takes as high of quality photos as the camera Becs and I previously purchased for over $300. Maybe it was only $200, but at any rate my cell phone takes a similar quality of photograph. Oh, the strides technology makes in 6 or 7 years!

I hope my exercise regimen holds out, because by the end of this week I will have run 15 miles, walked 7 miles, rowed for twenty minutes, played racquetball for 60 minutes, and worked out with my new medicine ball for 40 minutes. And eating healthy has helped out quite a bit, too. I like it when I don’t cheat; I didn’t even cheat and get a Mister Misty (I can’t bring myself to call them Arctic Rushes!) at Dairy Queen last night. I feel great! I feel like a million dollars.

Now, just to keep this up for the next 51 weeks!

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