Lent Day 10: More AWP

I am still at AWP: writing is exactly spirituality. We are born to create, to go forth and multiply, and by taking a little liberty with what that command might mean, I find that writing or making art is doing just that. Through creation of text or visual media, we multiply all that is good and right and beautiful in the world. We cause people to think through the less appealing parts of the world in order to see the more appealing ones. We can take the worst situations, the most horrible events, and create through them healing, help, peace, and grace with our words and images.

Part of today’s daily prayer from Common Prayer reads: “Sometimes we don’t realize the intensity of the things for which we pray, Lord. Keep us courageously mindful that your way is laden with tears on the way to resurrection. Amen.” Keep us courageously mindful that the way to creativity is laden with tears on the way to resurrection. Keep us courageously mindful that your way is laden with tears on the way to creativity and rebirth. Keep us mindful.


I went for a run this morning after sleeping for five whole hours last night.

The Reason I Slept So Well

Wacker and Wabash in Chicago

Chicago River "Private" Walkway

I'm Lovin' the Ferris Wheel

One Lighthouse

Super Yellow Beanie and Cityscape

Another Lighthouse

Lake Michigan

Ferris Wheel in B & W

Marilyn Monroe on Michigan Avenue: Fidelity

The Giant Bean and Some Tourists

Don't Let the Pigeon . . .


3 responses to “Lent Day 10: More AWP

  1. Hmm. We should discuss finding grace (creating grace?) out of the devastation left in the wake of human pain. I think that’s an easy pitfall for some of us (collective us). Whenever I try to write about Andy or about grief, I am overcome by the realization that a) there is so much pure shit out there masquerading as “grief literature;” and b) everyone who has ever suffered horrible loss or pain–that is, pretty much everyone period, and certainly those word-nerdy mothers whose sons died too early–thinks s/he has a Story To Tell. Well…we do. We all do. And all of those stories are worthy. But not all can have readers….

  2. Sweet Home Chicago!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree with this 100%.

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