The Real Advent Begins on Sunday . . .

and I can’t access the Bible from my school computer, because of our new filter. I can post here, but I can’t read the Bible. This is hilarious, right? I mean there is all that sex and violence in the Bible, so maybe we’re trying to protect the children from that, but I assume the reason we have the filter is pressure from folks who read the Bible and try to live by it. I can’t even get on the ESV bible site, and it’s one of the most conservative translations of the text. But still there is all that sex and violence: Jael and her tent peg, Lamentations in its whole, David and his dirty dealing with Urriah and his lust for Bathsheba, the murder of several prophets (one by crucifixion, one by stoning, and a host of other atrocious ways to die), and then there’s the end times with all those locusts and horsemen. That’s some scary and scarring shit right there. Good thing we’re protecting the people who believe in it, from it.

and last night at Burris, we had our first SafeZone training. I was so moved by the way my colleagues sacrificed their time and really came to the meeting with learning hearts. The training, along with our baby GSA, puts us well on the road to providing a safer environment for our GLBT students, faculty, staff, and families. The training was by far the best one I’ve attended at Ball State. They seemed to really tailor the training to our needs here at Burris. We were even able have some time to discuss issues specific to Burris, as well as thoroughly covering GLBT issues in general. I was so excited by the time we spent learning together, that I couldn’t’ sleep until almost 1 o’clock this morning. I also teared up a bit on the way home as I thought about how my colleagues sacrificed their own private time to come and support me and to learn about the diverse people group to which I belong. Their dedication to equality and safety moved me.

and I still haven’t had a chance to work on my dissertation as much as I would like to work on it. I feel like I have three full-time jobs, and I only have time to do one. I can’t work all day at school, then come home and grade and plan, then get up early and work on my dissertation. AND work in running, piano, cooking, and real life. I really don’t know how people do it.

and I’m not really ready for the anticipation of the coming of our Lord. I know, this year, I am certainly not worthy of the magnanimity of his coming.

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