Oh, Boy. WHOLE 30-ish!

Well, in my last post, I said that it was my goal to write here every day this past summer. As we can all tell, that in no way happened. I took the summer as a giant vacation to train for the Muncie 70.3, which I successfully, though not speedily, completed on July 13. I refinished floors, I watched my diet, I read books, I planned for the school year, and I did every thing except write and do art, which were my two goals for the summer. So much for goals, eh?

In my true fashion, though, I have a whole new list of goals that I am trying to achieve over the next couple of months. As timing would have it, I’ve begun a new journey near Advent, but not quite on it. I’m always slightly out of step, off kilter, sideways, backwards, or whatever words you’d use to describe someone who never does anything exactly in the right manner. Of course, this is part of why my goal setting is always a bit comical for those who know me best. My goals are lofty, but infrequently met. It’s a goal: to get better at reaching goals. It’s a goal I’ll likely not meet.

For the next 30 days, I’m keeping track of my goals on a private page, and when the 30 days is over, I’ll transfer my thoughts over here. But for now, all you need to know is that I’m starting my fourth Whole 30, two of which were utter failures, one of which was successful, and one of which is just beginning. The past two days of healthy eating have gone smashingly and I am beginning to feel a bit less bloated already. I am not, however, experiencing the miracle cure that others experience, nor have I ever, but I do feel more well-fed and less like crap. This go around I am trying to avoid the trap of food envy that has derailed my other two Whole 30s. I mean a person can only “enjoy” so many kale chips, right?

I’m going to try to post here more regularly, but school and life get in the way sometimes. Until later, then.

4 responses to “Oh, Boy. WHOLE 30-ish!

  1. It’s true. Kale chips are tasty, but…
    Glad to read you again. Miss ya, Corbs.

  2. Good luck! And we will be waiting to read more!!!

  3. Yeah, well…Restarting on November 10. :/

  4. And, restarting on January 1. Seriously, struggling with some food issues right now.

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