Gratitude: April 30

I am grateful for my brother. Without hesitation, he is loaning me the money to survive this summer without having to work. When I discovered that there was an error with my payroll for this school year, and that I would not, in fact, receive paychecks throughout the summer like I thought I would, he did not hesitate to offer to help me out. I appreciate this so much, because I am not sure my I could handle working full time after the school year that this year has been.

I am grateful for my dad. He is busy tilling and fencing and starting plants for a giant garden for us for this summer, so that we can have inexpensive fresh vegetables for summer. I imagine I’ll have to learn how to can too, given how large this garden appears to be in the photographs. He works hard to provide eggs for my brother, and he has started cooking treats for the dogs, so he doesn’t have to purchase them. I can’t imagine how much care he takes to dehydrate that liver for their snacks, nor how awful that must smell.

I am grateful for the best friends a person could ask for. I know I have written about this before, but I have more than one friend who loves me unconditionally, and I think that’s a real blessing. Some people go through life without a single person they can call on at any hour of the day, or about anything, but I have several shoulders to cry on and several people who have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and still stick around. And, not only do they stick around, but they continuously offer to help and they, without question or without any expectations, give me grace time and time again.

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