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Some Things I’ve Eaten and the Places I’ve Eaten Them

Here is a picture of the pumpkin curry I mentioned in the previous post. Had I thought about it, I would have put it in a different bowl, because the soup is obviously the same color as the vessel it was eaten from. Also, I will probably never get the gist of photographing food, which kind of makes me sad, since food is my most favorite thing in life next to swimming (which I can’t photograph well either!).

Pumpkin Curry

Here is a photo of tonight’s delicious dinner: grapes, blueberries, and raw milk extra sharp cheddar from grass-fed cows. Delicious, light, and everything dinner should be!

"Do you have any staples? No? Well, then, do you have any gwapes?"

And because I’m sort of messed up like this, here is a picture of dinner a few nights ago: grilled/blackened bone-in chicken breast and spinach salad with bacon, blueberry, balsamic dressing.

Lots o' Greens!

Early this morning my brother, my parents, and I went to Trader’s Point Creamery for their farmer’s market. We also stopped at Whole Foods and The Fresh Market, but, in between, we went to Brunchies in Carmel to have—you guessed it—brunch! I had a three-egg omelet with spinach, mushrooms, jalapeños, and sausage and hash browns. It was delicious, and their coffee was pretty tasty, too.

"Kiss my grits." —Flo, Mel's DIner

Finally, right now I am enjoying a delicious Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider. I’ve always been pretty much a Porter girl, but since I’m trying to stick to a primal lifestyle, when I do splurge with alcohol, it’s mostly with hard ciders. (I mean cave people probably let their apples or fruit ferment from time to time, right?!) I didn’t used to enjoy them at all, but now I find great pleasure in sampling different ones. Also, I’ve noticed—whether the wheat, hops, barley, malt, whatever—I have an allergic reaction almost every time I drink beer. My cheeks flush and get hot, and the whole affair is simply rather unpleasant. So far, so good with ciders of any kind.

It’s been a great day, all in all.