Things Have Kind of Fallen Apart This Week

Over the weekend, it was my intention to get all of my grading finished for the students at both Burris and BSU, but it didn’t happen because of my stupid computer. I am about to get a really big flash drive, so I don’t have to depend upon my computer anymore. It’s beginning to act like it might crash again soon.

On Saturday, I spent the morning editing some student work, making all sorts of great comments on their papers, and typing up some professional documents (letters of recommendation and the like). When I sent my students’ work to them (supposedly with my comments), they both wrote back and said that they couldn’t see the comments. My lovely computer decided not to save any of the changes I had made and instead only re-saved their original documents. Awesome. I decided to check on the other documents I had spent the morning writing to see if they were safe and sound. No dice. Everything I did on Saturday had to be re-done on Sunday, so I lost my grading day. Boo.

Other than the loss of some documents, the weekend was great. It was Abbie’s birthday weekend and we went to Ivanhoe’s and gorged ourselves on ice cream. I had a vanilla malt with chocolate chip cookie dough in it, and I ate a delicious grilled cheese sandwich and some cheesy fries as well.

On our way to Ivanhoe’s we went geocaching, which is a whole new experience for me. We found a couple of caches in two of my favorite cemeteries, but the one that was supposedly by Matthew’s Covered Bridge was nowhere to be found. Either it was buried in the snow, or someone had stolen it. We had a great time romping through the snow to try to find them, though!

On Sunday afternoon, after I had rewritten all the work I had done on Saturday, we went to Welliver’s which is a smorgasbord in Hagerstown. We go there every year for Abs’ birthday, and we always end up eating way too much. I had more food than I thought I could possibly eat, and as a result I got pretty uncomfortable last night. At least I didn’t get diarrhea or throw up as a result. I did however sleep for about twelve hours. I am just not used to eating that much food, but I suppose I felt like I should because it is so expensive, and I definitely don’t want to do it again any time soon.

I felt like I could eat that much food because I ran nine miles this weekend: six on Saturday and three on Sunday. It felt pretty good, but my “recovery run” on Sunday felt harder than the six miles on Saturday. I guess it was because my legs were already so tired from the long run that I exhausted them on Sunday. I am looking forward to next weekend when we get to go to Indy on Saturday morning for the practice run, but I am looking more forward to it because it signals the beginning of Spring Break.

Of course, Spring Break is an oxymoron. Spring Break should be called Spring Catch Up on Everything. I have to finish out the schedule for my Burris students, do the taxes, work on my dissertation proposal, grade everything under the sun, and a couple of other things during the “break.” I am sure I will succeed in getting it all accomplished, though, because I always do.

On a sad note, my cat Mojo died last night. He has been sick for a long time, and the vet couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with him. When we went downstairs this morning he was just lying there in the middle of the floor. Dead. At least he is no longer suffering, and he got to eat like a king last night. We got some extra special food for the cats yesterday, and he ate most of the can. Of course, he threw all of it up, undigested, half an hour after he ate it, but he still got to have one delightful last meal. Now, sadly, he is in the freezer in a garbage bag, waiting for the ground to thaw so I can bury him by Mushi or with the other pets at my parents’ house.


I haven’t done much in the way of memorizing, nor can I think of something new to be thankful for today.

I do not want to list my food consumption or my exercise.


2 responses to “Things Have Kind of Fallen Apart This Week

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty. 😦 …and your computer problems. 😦 I hope your next weekend is a much better one.

  2. unfinishedportraitofsam

    you do always get it done, Corb.
    i’m sorry for your dumb-ass computer.

    and yes, a day of gorging is okay every once in awhile, especially since you had a kick-ass running session.

    miss you. thinking about you and hoping you’re doing okay.

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