Vacation Breakfast

As I said in one of my last posts, I love vacation for the breakfast. This morning I made a nice tofu scramble, which may not be a big deal to those of you who eat eggs. But to those of us who don’t eat eggs, a nice tofu scramble is a good reminder of what breakfast can be! Oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, and fruit can get a bit repetitive for breakfast if you eat them day after day. Even waffles and pancakes can become monotonous. However, if you can mix it up with a little tofu scramble, yum! If I would have thought of it and made some vegan breakfast sausages, too, it would be the perfect breakfast to convince your favorite meat-eater that going vegetarian isn’t so bad.

This particular tofu scramble contains tofu, crimini muchrooms, spinach, onions, garlic, nutritional yeast, Italian seasonings, cayenne, black pepper, and crushed red-pepper flakes. It could have been a bit more “done,” but it was still tasty. I like my tofu a little crunchy, rather than a little soft, and this was a little soft. Still, it was good.


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