Earthquake. Cheese Sauce.

I was awakened this morning by a miniature earthquake, registering 3.8 on the scale. The bed shook a bit, but it didn’t feel as strong as the one a couple of years ago. That one made the armoire doors bang. This one, for sure, made the dogs and cats go a little bit crazy.

More earth-shattering, though, is my need to create a recipe for good faux-yo-nachos cheese sauce. I found a recipe that was passable, but I think I am going to combine the recipe for plain cheese sauce (from American Vegan Kitchen) with the one I found for nacho cheese sauce. My problem with the one I found wasn’t the texture or flavor necessarily, but more the fact that it wasn’t at all spicy enough. I need my nacho sauce to be HOT! As I said, I am going to attempt to take the parts of each of these that I like and make my own recipe. We’ll see what happens.

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