Tomorrow is Palm Sunday

Holy Week begins tomorrow on Palm Sunday with that triumphal act of Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem.

A Mosaic of the Triumphal Entry
Taken from

Holy Week is by far my favorite week of the Christian calendar. Why? I can’t really tell you. Maybe it’s the fact that I love the whole glorious mystery of the death and resurrection. Maybe it’s the anticipation of the forty-some days of contemplation an denial leading up to Easter. Maybe it the intense focus on the death of Jesus Christ on Holy Friday. Maybe it’s just that I know soon and very soon the heartache of this forty days of wilderness will be over. There are a lot of maybes leading up to Easter, but somehow Holy Week always succeeds in stopping me right in my tracks and making face mortality in this life. It’s a beautifully tragic week with a most fantastic end: Jesus comes back from the dead and we rejoice. We get to live forever with Jesus, because we get immortality in the next life. That, my friends, is a pretty spectacular promise.


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