Ice: My Kryptonite

I got up this morning ready to go. I had put my shoes, sweatpants, watch, headband, and new Smartwool running socks (I recommend these heartily by the way) next to the bed. My plan was to get up, get dressed, walk the dogs, take my first “long run” of three miles. I call it a long run because that is what the plan calls it. Three miles in my mind is not a long run.

I got up, got dressed, and came down stairs only to find a layer of ice covering the entire world. If you know me, you know I cannot walk on ice so there is no way I could run on it. For those of you who say that running on ice is easier than walking, I am in agreement. I have tried that, and while it is easier, it is still not beneficial nor elegant. I slide just as easily moving faster.

I am hoping that it will warm up enough for some of the ice to melt, so that I can go out this afternoon. I thought about going to Ball Gym to use the track, and I thought about using an eliptical or treadmill at Irving, but there is something incredibly unsatisfactory about the jogging experience when it is done indoors. I feel like a hamster.

Until then, here I sit: typing instead of jogging. I have spent the last half-hour surfing the Net, checking up on old friends, and Stumbling through a couple of websites.

Last night, I spent almost half and hour looking for some new running shoes. I want a website that is a collective of fat runners doing shoe reviews. I usually prefer Asics because they seem to have better support and a stronger, longer-lasting upper. Last spring, when I first started jogging again, I went to Indianapolis to a specialty running store to have my gait analyzed and to find “the perfect shoe” for my foot.

I hate the shoes I bought. Over a hundred dollars for a pair of Brooks GTS 8s. They do support well for the slight pronation I have, but the sole and the padding that prohibit the turning of my ankles makes the ball of my foot slide to the outside of the toe box.

They only have about six months or about 360 miles of walking/jogging and they are already shredded. They are in worse shape than the pair of Asics TN 724s I bought them to replace. And, I reiterate that they are NOT comfortable.

For the first month or so, they were heavenly. The workers at the Indy Running Company were right about that part, but they are not made for a heavy runner. My friend Sarah wears them. They are her favorite shoes. She probably weighs a hundred pounds wet—half my weight! She can have them. I will take my Asics.

fat-girl-running-fh-outlineAll this brings me around to my point: can someone start a Clydesdale or Athena website that is helpful to those of us who are a little larger but still like the feel of a good jog? There are plenty of blogs, personal webpages, and the like, but you would think some company like Asics or New Balance or Saucony would create a webpage for their fat clientel. Every fat runner I know wears one of the three above types of shoes. I’m just saying they could make a fortune!

2 responses to “Ice: My Kryptonite

  1. Ice sucks. And there is no sunshine. No sunshine! I often feel that I cannot function at all without sunshine. I am solar-powered. I admire that you can get up and get moving without sunshine. I’m stuck to the couch again. My toddler is coloring Pooh purple. A rerun of Monk is on the TV. I would not be any help in regards to shoes – I buy all of my shoes from Wal-Mart and I haven’t bought a pair of sneakers in – I don’t know – maybe five years. 😦 I didn’t even know you could have your “gait” analyzed. I’m holding my breath until Monday.

  2. Did you ever get out in the afternoon for your run? Hope so. I’m bringing my fat ass back to the gym for good tomorrow. I hate running, but I can tolerate a treadmill. My favorite is weights. I lost 40 pounds 2 years ago by doing 15 minutes cardio and 20 minutes weights 3-4 times a week. I’m back on that plan tomorrow. I’m sick of my stomach bulging over every single pair of pants I have. A tummy tuck may be the only thing that would get rid of all of it (dang pregnancy belly), but I’d love to get back into my pre-preggo size clothes once and for all. On a side note, my favorite workout shoes are by Saucony. They are like heaven on my feet.

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