NaNoWriMo Redux. Diet Day 2.

I have decided to make the most of this challenge set forth by my students. Instead of writing a novel, I am going to take the challenge, but work on my memoir instead. So, hopefully, by this time in December, I will have approximately 175 pages of a memoir instead of a novel. Likely it will be as craptastic as my novel would have been, but at least it will be useful to my own academic, professional, and personal pursuits.


Today is day two of 1200 to 1500 calories:

Breakfast: banana, 8 oz. orange juice, 8 oz. soy milk, two flax seed capsules, one cinnamon capsule

Lunch: peanut butter sandwich, apple, 9 baby Oreos

Snack: decaf double tall soy latte

Dinner: I only have around 200-500 calories left for today. Popcorn?

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